The Rozoy Picot Story 

Reflecting the tradition and continuity of French families, Rozoy-Picot wished to innovate by exploring a new territory of taste thanks to the use of natural terpenes. The flavours are revealed and combine to offer a new taste palette. In the pure respect of the production methods of the wine houses our products will make you live a unique and exhilarating experience.

The terpenes

Molecules concentrated in the resin of the plants, the terpenes are at the origin of the aroma and the taste. Terpenes have organoleptic and therapeutic virtues.
Rozoy-Picot has been working for many years in the development of its terpenes and has certified them in the best French laboratories by complying with the regulations to develop a food quality product. The Rozoy-Picot terpenes are among the purest of the market, consisting of 100% organic matter, they contain no traces of cannabinoids. Thanks to this process, Rozoy-Picot complements and subtly reveals the flavours of products.

Rozoy Picot x La Galerie du Chanvre

La Galerie du Chanvre becomes official reseller of the Rozoy Picot range in December 2018. The products are therefore both available on this site and in the shop.

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